Philosophy and Objectives

Philosophy and Objectives

Master of Science in Business and Economics

Overview of the Program

  • Graduates will receive Master of Science in Business and Economics from Assumption University.
  • Bilingual Education: Coursework is offered in Chinese and English parallelly so students can opt to study the coursework in their preferred languages; research and publication are conducted in English.
  • Preparing graduates who will receive rigorous training in economics and practical business applications.
  • Graduates are expected to be particularly attractive hires as analysts in both business organizations and government agencies 
  • Graduates can effortlessly continue to the Ph.D. in Business and Economics program offered by Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics, Assumption University, if a further degree is desired.


The Master of Science in Business and Economics program blends the business and economics fields and pays attention to applying core economic concepts to situations in business settings and policy circles. Practical courses in a diverse range of business and management fields are offered along with theoretical and quantitative courses in economics. Students can choose coursework based on their own interests, such as finance, information system, international business, management, and marketing because of the flexibility of the curriculum.     

To meet the on-going business trend that China has grown to become the second largest economy in the world, coursework is conducted in both Chinese and English parallelly. Students can thus opt to study in their preferred languages. Research and publication are carried out in English since it remains the common communication medium globally and is the proud tradition of the University 

The curriculum also closely follows the School’s Ph.D. in Business and Economics program. Graduates can continue to the Ph.D. in Business and Economics program if a further and more advanced degree is desired. 


Objectives: To produce graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follows:

(1) able to identify the limitations of business and economic models, theories or frameworks
(2) able to evaluate and respect diverse points of view embedded in various circumstances
(3) able to serve the society by applying their knowledge to resolve social issues
(4) demonstrate an adept understanding of core business and management knowledge
(5) demonstrate an adept understanding of core finance and economic knowledge
(6) able to synthesize evidence and knowledge from multiple disciplines
(7) able to engage in critical inquiries through effective information search and evaluation
(8) able to make critical and independent assessments of methods and results
(9) able to present ideas through oral presentations
(10) able to present ideas in writing
(11) demonstrate a mastery of methodology, especially in quantitative research or business analysis
(12) demonstrate a mastery of database and analytical software packages relevant to their field of research or business practice


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