Program Regulations

Program Regulations

1. Credit Transfer, Course Transfer and Cross-University Registration 

Students who formerly studied in other institutions may have their courses and credits transferred to their current programs in accordance with the Commission on Higher Education’s Criteria of Degree Transfer B.E. 2545. Cross-university registration can be done whereby AU allows students of other programs recognized by the Commission on Higher Education to register for courses at AU.

2. Coursework

The medium of instruction is in English. Students who choose plan A must study 10 core courses, defend his/her thesis, and publish the thesis in an acceptable academic publication. Students who follow plan B must study 10 core courses and 2 elective courses and pass an oral comprehensive examinations.

3. Auditing Courses

  • With the approval of the Advisor, a student may audit a course. He/she has to pay the required fees for that course, attend at least 80% of the classes and get a grade of “AUD” with no weight.
  • The maximum number of credit hours allowed in any semester includes the audited classes but the minimum credit hours a student is required to take to maintain his/her status does not include the audited classes.
  • Credit hours from audited classes are not counted in the accumulated credit earned

4. Comprehensive Examination

For students who choose plan B, passing the oral comprehensive examination is required. The examination tests the student’s knowledge of finance and economics. The examination is set and conducted by members of the MSFE Program Board. Student will be expelled from the program if he/she fails twice in Oral Comprehensive Examination.

5. Thesis

Students can register for thesis only when he/she has already passed 8 out of 10 required courses. Student may be guided by two advisors (optional): main one on his/her specialized field, and co-advisor on research design and methodology. The advisor(s) is(are) appointed by the Program Director with the consent of the student. The general criteria for a successful thesis include originality, valid and well-structured arguments, and significant contribution to the literature.

6. Thesis Defense

  • Student will call a meeting for thesis defense only after receiving approval from his/her main advisor.
  • have registered for 12 credits of thesis.
  • arrange to have the version of the thesis, initially approved by the advisor, typewritten according to the format announced by the University and have it approved again by the advisor.
  • make enough copies of the document without binding for the final examination committee.
  • after the final examination, modify the thesis according to the resolution of the committee and submit it to the advisor for final approval. Then have copies bound for the University.
  • For Final Defense, the thesis evaluation will be either “S (Satisfactory) or “U” (Unsatisfactory).
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